What is the payment to be made an order?
The payment is 50% down payment, the rest at the end of your order, which can be done through bank deposit or electronic transfer, credit cards are received.
How is the logistics of delivery of an order of tablecloths?

Once the order is completed, the settlement of the remaining amount is requested, then your order is carried by courier service to your home. The cost of shipping is FREE  we sent to all the Mexican Republic.

What is the delivery time for an order?

About 2-3 weeks depending on the volume of your order.

What is the most recommended material for making chair covers and Capelos?

The most advisable to make chair covers or fabric is Capelos Dublin as being a synthetic fabric does not wrinkle and is easy to wash, besides dried very quickly, which lowers maintenance costs.

What is the lifetime of a tablecloth?

The lifetime of a tablecloth depends on the type of fabric used and the care to be taken with him. For example linens Catalan tergal has a minimum time life of 150 washed, when proper care is used.

Wich is an economic option to have a large stock of tablecloth without making a big investment?

An economic and feasible to take a large stock of linen for rent option is to combine linens with table runners. The table runners are strips of fabric with different designs and finishes that allow to have a wide variety of fabrics, at a lower cost. In addition, table runners allow versatility in the arrangement of linens, creating an event 100% original.